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Behind the weddings

I love organization and find enormous joy in creating unforgettable experiences

founder & creative director


Working on weddings is the combination of everything she love's! Architecture (was an architect for 8 years before this), planning, design, project management, contact with people and most importantly, love.

She speaks 6 languages, was born and raised in Norway, with a Brazilian mother and an English father. She loves to travel and is passionate about details, unique places and to create "once in a lifetime experiences". She’s also a big advocate of well-being – in life, and not least as an essential part of the bridal couple’s wedding journey.

She designs personal celebrations, rich in detail, with a flawless execution and is passionate about creating «once in a lifetime» experiences. It is the personal touch, dedication to detail and care that makes Amanda Costa Thompson’s weddings truly stand out. 

From exquisite cuisine to the most fun entertainers, she inspires her creative partners to exceed all expectations. She will do whatever it takes for her clients for them to have their dream day, which is why her clients love to work with her and her team.



places i've traveled

South of France and the French Riviera is my second home and I love the french lifestyle.


my family

Harald, my big teenage love and the father of our two children. He is also the man behind the company with me.



I rarely go a day without a smoothie and could live on poké bowl/sushi, but if you invite me for oysters, I'm in!



I'm a summer soul, an earlier professional dancer and love to workout every week. 


my job

The moment when our clients say yes and they finally realize for real that it's the two of them.


guilty pleasures

I rarely say no to a glass of bubbles in the sun.