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Engaged – what to do now?

March 22, 2024

Hei, jeg er amanda
Hei og velkommen til bloggen vår. Her kan du få med deg tips, inspirasjon og om livet som bryllupsplanlegger. Si gjerne hallo!
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First – congratulations! How amazing and welcome to a journey of a lifetime! Getting married might feel like the scariest thing on earth, because as soon as you are engaged, everyone starts to tell you about how much there was to do for their wedding, but first and super important. ENJOY the engagement! I mean it! 

Enjoy the engagement

So first, call your family and friends and let them know, take in all the excitement! Make sure that your ring is the right fit, that is not a diamond you want to have loose. Go out for a celebration drink or have a small gathering with closest friends and family. Make sure to celebrate, this is a big moment for the two of you!

Take a breather, don’t start looking for venues, or flowers or ideas, just simply enjoy. You have enough time down the road to actually start doing all those tasks. Give yourself a week or two to just enjoy it. 

I will admit that it took me only a few hours in to my engagement before I started thinking about what I wanted and how I wanted to have it all, and then its so easy to go in to desperate mode thinking, OMG, there a re a ton of things to think about. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I have created a free checklist that you can download so you get an overview of what you need to start thinking about. Download it below, print it out and start getting an overview. 

Ok, then let’s get in to the nitty gritty! Understanding that there are a thousand things to think about and I understand that you want to start doing it all at once, I have to warn you. That won’t help. You need to start on this path, step by step and in the right direction. 

When and where do you want to get married?

Then start thinking about a time of year of when you would want to get married. A winter wedding in the mountains, a summer outdoor party, or maybe a mountain wedding in the summer or maybe a tent wedding in your own garden or maybe a château on the French Riviera or a vineyard wedding. There a re so many options, but actually considering the different opportunities makes it easier for you to understand what you don’t want which makes it easier to understand what you do want. 

How many guests do you want to invite to your wedding?

Start determining the size of your wedding. Would you want it personal and intimate with maybe just 25 guests? Would you want it big with more than 100 guests? What happens when you start writing down a list of people that you would like to have there? Very often when you do this, you also understand that you might have two completely different understandings on what your wishes for the big day are. So have a little talk and listen to each other and figure out what you want. This might lead you to understanding that its a good idea to start thinking about a budget. Where are you at and what are your visions for the big day? 

Outdoor wedding dinner with beige florals in Spain.

When you have gotten through all this you are very far along the way, because wedding planning is all about creating something together. This is a project I hope you will look back at and remember as something fun you did together and that you created a once in a lifetime experience, not just for all your guests, but specially for the two of you. 

If you want to know what my top 3 things to do and top 3 things to avoid on when planning your wedding, than pop into our episode on Bride and joy HERE.

Make sure to download the ultimate wedding planning checklist HERE, and start having fun with your planning. For more inspiration and tips you can follow me on instagram HERE, and please send me a dm HERE if you have any questions. 

Wish you an amazing day! 

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