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3 DO’s and 3 DONT’s when planning your wedding

March 30, 2024

Hei, jeg er amanda
Hei og velkommen til bloggen vår. Her kan du få med deg tips, inspirasjon og om livet som bryllupsplanlegger. Si gjerne hallo!
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There are so many things to take in to consideration when planning your wedding, and here are our top tips on what to focus on and what to not spend so much time doing.

Wedding couple just married.

Photo: Eline Jacobine

Top tips to DO when planning your wedding

  • Start with getting your priorities straight. What do you want? Who are you? Where do you want to go? What is important to you? Too many people just don’t know what they want and haven’t stopped to think about what they want their wedding day to be and what it will mean to them. This can make you exhausted if you are planning without a goal. We have a system that we take you through so we can help you achieve what is important to you.
  • If you haven’t yet, get help from a wedding planner or get started with a wedding planner course. We have one in Norwegian, called “Bryllupsglede”, where couples plan their wedding day with me and it will soon be in English. The average hours a couple spend on planning their wedding is between 250 – 300 hours. Having a full-time job doesn’t make this process any easier. If you also have kids it can be even more challenging, so if you can’t prioritise having a wedding planner, then we do recommend having a coordinator for the day of. There are so many things going on in the background on a wedding day and you not having to deal with it all is a huge help. We make sure to send you down the aisle at the right time and we handle all the wedding day details with care, to make sure that the two of you have a party of a lifetime!
  • Start with locking in a venue early. When it comes to locking in your suppliers and vendors, start with photographers, videographers, florists, hair and make up team earlier than you thing. The same same goes for catering, DJ, reantals etc. You don’t want to miss out on a great supplier, because it was too late. Find a venue first and then understand what the costs are, then what it would be for your suppliers to travel to that destination. Some might be locally and some might fly in from afar. Just make sure to get an understanding of what the costs are.
Wedding couple first dance at a destination wedding.

Photo: Eline Jacobine

What to avoid when planning your wedding

Our top tips on what you should try and avoid to have the best wedding planning experience.

  • Don’t lock the date before you find the venue. It is easier to have a season in mind and ask venues for date options. This keeps it easier for you to find a venue and a date.
  • Don’t hire a photographer or videographer that isn’t a professional. Photo and video is the only thing you have when it’s all over and to remind you of how amazing your wedding day was. It would be a shame to not have it at a high quality. Invest in a photographer and videographer that you really love and trust.
  • Do what you want, people have a tendency to tell you what and how you should do it. I think my most asked question is: “What do others normally do?”. My best advice is: Be you and unapologetically you! Have your most amazing wedding day of your life. It flies by in a blast, if you want to wear two dresses and your mother doesn’t like either of them or even the idea that you are wearing two dresses, then don’t listen. Don’t please everyone, do your thing, be who you want to be and celebrate how the two of you want to celebrate. Get married at the time of year you want to. Enjoy it all your way, and don’t feel bad about it. 

This is a project I hope you will look back at and remember as something fun you did together and that you created a once in a lifetime experience, not just for all your guests, but specially for the two of you. 

If you want more tips when planning your wedding, then pop into our podcast Bride and joy HERE.

Make sure to download the ultimate wedding planning checklist HERE, and start having fun with your planning. For more inspiration and tips you can follow me on instagram HERE, and please send me a dm HERE if you have any questions. 

For our wedding planning checklist in Norwegian, you can find it HERE.

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